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Joshua Martinez Reno Mortgage Lenders



I started the process of refinancing my house in July 2020 I worked with a company that had offered a “good deal” they locked in my rate and when I went to sign they added PMI when I wasn’t paying PMI before. Then I looked into refinancing with a different company and got to the signing stage and the deal jumped up $2200. I basically gave up at that point. Then I saw Josh’s posts and informative videos, I asked a few questions and decided to go through the process one more time except this time it was EASY, straight forward, no hidden fees, no extra charges, no PMI; it was exactly what he said it was and less than the other two in closing costs! Josh responded to me with in hours, if not minutes. He called to give updates and I knew I could rely on what he said. Why didn’t I go with him in the first place? I’m in Washington and he’s in Nevada, I didn’t think he could help because of a different market. Well now I know, and I know he’ll take good care of anyone who works with him 10/10 would recommend!!!

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